The poster of AI

26 Oct 2022

Aiyaaa..Everyone Should Know A.I. in 2022

The poster of AI

Aiyaaa..Everyone Should Know A.I. In 2022

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) – An emerging technology that has started to become popular since 2010. But, do you know that the idea of A.I. was actually being proposed very early in 1950’s? After the efforts of so many years, A.I. technology has became mature enough to be implemented into many application scenarios in our daily life.

In our upcoming session, we will talk about:
(1) Use cases of A.I. in our daily life,
(2) Overall flow of developing an AI model,
as developing an AI model is not just a single-step process, but a multi-stage process that requires the use of different techniques to complete.
(3) Easy-to-understand Python programming that builds an AI model.

From data collection to model evaluation, we will understand some basic ideas of some core techniques that we can utilize to earn a good AI model.

Who should attend?

AI beginners.

Why should attend?

After the session, participants will get to know more about some AI application scenarios and the core concepts of AI development.

Ms. Gabby Liau

Trainer at Infosyte, Huawei and Microsoft Certified Trainer

Gabby – the leading Infosyte trainer on futuristic technology in the company who specialises in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud services. She has delivered over many classes to trainees from different parts of the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand and many more!

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