Campus Switches Essential Operation and Maintenance

RM4,500.00 RM4,770.00 (after 6% SST)

Duration: 5 days (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)




This training is aim to prepare network engineers with essential knowledge to operate and maintain Huawei Campus Switches.


  • Network engineers.




Training Content

Huawei VRP Quick Start

  • VRP Architecture
  • VRP Basic Configuration
  • Information Center
  • File Operation


Ethernet Overview

  • The Development of Ethernet Technology
  • The Basic Principles of Ethernet
  • Layer 2 Switching
  • Ethernet Port Technologies
  • VLANs and Layer 3 Switching


Working Principle of Ethernet Devices

  • Shared Ethernet
  • Working Principle of L2 Switch
  • Working Principle of L3 Switch


Ethernet Port Technologies

  •  Auto-Negotiation Technology
  • Flow Control
  • Port Mirroring


Ethernet Link Aggregation

  • Basic concepts of link aggregation
  • Mode of link aggregation


VLAN Basic Principle and Configuration

  • VLAN Overview
  • Application Rule of VLAN Tag
  • What Is VLAN Routing
  • VLAN Routing Configuration


VCMP LNP Principle and Configuration

  • The Basic Concept of VCMP
  • VCMP Principle
  • VCMP Configuration Example
  • Basic Principle of LNP
  • LNP Configuration Example


STP RSTP MSTP Principles and Configuration

  • STP Overview
  • MSTP Overview
  • MSTP Configuration
  • MSTP Hands-on Practice


VBST Principle and Configuration

  • VBST Overview
  • VBST Principles
  • Configuring VBST
  • VBST Applicable Scenario


Routing Protocol

  • IP routing overview
  • Static Route


VRRP Feature and Configuration

  • VRRP Overview
  • VRRP Implementation
  • VRRP Features
  • VRRP Configuration
  • VRRP Application on Enterprise Network


Chassis Switches Parts Replacement

  • Parts Replacement Overview
  • Replacing Boards
  • Replacing the cables
  • Replacing Other Components


Chassis Switches Routine Maintenance

  • Routine Maintenance Overview
  • Risky Operations
  • Common Maintenance Commands