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Duration: 10 days

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This training is aim to prepare network engineers with essential knowledge to operate and maintain Huawei Campus Switches.


  • Personnel who are going to take HCIA-Transmission exam
  • Personnel who expect to learn about basic optical transmission principles and Huawei SDH equipment operation


Having a general knowledge of telecommunications



On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe transmission network concepts.
  • Understand main transmission network technologies.
  • Understand Huawei transmission network solutions.
  • Understand the application scenarios of SDH networks.
  • Describe the SDH frame structure and the functions of each component.
  • Be familiar with the procedure for multiplexing SDH signals.
  • Describe the major overhead bytes and alarms of the SDH frame structure.
  • Describe the pointers and functions of the SDH frame structure.
  • Understand the composition of the logical functional modules of SDH devices.
  • Understand the PCM technology and its solutions.
  • Describe the positioning and application scenarios of Huawei OptiXtrans E9600/E6600 series and OptiXtrans DC908.
  • Understand the appearance and cabinets of Huawei OptiXtrans E9600/E6600 series and OptiXtrans DC908.
  • List the boards and functions of Huawei OptiXtrans E9600/E6600 series and OptiXtrans DC908.
  • Understand the basic knowledge of NCE-T, such as product positioning, architecture, and deployment solutions.
  • Describe the functions of NCE-T, such as network management and optical service provisioning.
  • Describe the classification and basic concepts of Ethernet.
  • Describe the working mechanisms of VLAN and Layer 2 switches.
  • Explain the concatenation and encapsulation technologies of Ethernet.
  • Describe the application scenarios of Ethernet services.
  • Distinguish Ethernet service types.
  • Describe Ethernet features.
  • Understand the basic concepts, principles, transmission modes, and basic composition of WDM.
  • Know the WDM transmission media.
  • Have a good command of WDM technical principles and key technologies.
  • List NG WDM site types.
  • Describe the signal flows of different types of NG WDM sites.
  • Describe the application scenarios of NG WDM sites.
  • List the basic elements of NG WDM networking.
  • Understand positions and functions of different overheads at each OTN layer.
  • Understand basic functions of OTN electrical-layer overheads.
  • Understand how OTN electrical-layer alarms are generated and learn how to use electrical-layer overheads to analyze and locate faults.
  • Understand the basic concepts of transmission network protection.
  • Understand device-level protection of the transmission network.
  • Distinguish linear protection from ring protection supported by SDH products.
  • Understand optical-layer protection supported by NG WDM products.
  • Understand electrical-layer protection supported by NG WDM products.
  • Understand PCM protection.
  • Complete Equipment Commissioning
  • Perform TDM Service Configuration
  • Perform Ethernet Service Configuration
  • Perform PCM Service Configuration
  • Perform OTN Electrical-Layer Service Configuration
  • Perform OptiXtrans DC908 Service Configuration
  • Perform NG WDM Optical-Layer Protection Configuration




Transmission Network Overview

  • Basic Concepts of Transmission Networks
  • Transmission Network Technologies
  • Huawei Transmission Network Solutions


SDH Principles

  • SDH Overview
  • SDH Frame Structure and Multiplexing Procedure
  • Overheads and Pointers
  • Logical Functional Modules
  • Application of SDH Trail Layers and Overheads PCM Technology


Transmission Network Products

  • Product Overview
  • Cabinets and Subracks
  • Boards


Introduction to NCE-T

  • System Architecture of NCE-T
  • Basic Functions of NCE-T
  • Key Features of NCE-T


Introduction to Ethernet Principles and Services

  • Ethernet Principles
  • Ethernet Services


WDM Principles

  • System Overview
  • WDM Transmission Media
  • Key Technologies of WDM

NG WDM Equipment Networking and Applications

  • Network Layers and System Architecture
  • Site Types
  • Basic Networking Elements


OTN Protocol

  • OTN Overview
  • OTN Interface Structures and Multiplexing/Mapping Principles
  • OTN Frame Structure
  • Frame Structure and Meaning of OTN Electrical-Layer Overheads
  • Evolution to Liquid OTN


Transmission Network Protection Principles

  • Basics
  • Device-Level Protection
  • Network-Level Protection


HCIA-Transmission Lab Guide

  • Equipment Commissioning
  • TDM Service Configuration
  • Ethernet Service Configuration
  • PCM Service Configuration
  • OTN Electrical-Layer Service Configuration
  • OptiXtrans DC908 Service Configuration
  • NG WDM Optical-Layer Protection Configuration