HCIE-Cloud Computing

RM18,000.00 RM19,080.00 (after 6% SST)

Course Duration: 10 Days



On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Master the architecture, functions, features, and differences between Huawei server virtualization solution, private cloud solution, and desktop cloud solution.
  • Master the end-to-end service operation of Huawei different cloud computing solutions.
  • Master the end-to-end OM of Huawei different cloud computing solutions.
  • Mastering the backup and DR product for Huawei different cloud computing solutions.
  • Be familiar with Huawei cloud computing service migration tool.
  • Master the common fault handling methods of Huawei cloud computing.
  • Be familiar with the planning and design of Huawei cloud computing in different application scenarios.
  • Be familiar with best practices in Huawei cloud computing in different application scenarioss.


  • Know server basal knowledge and application
  • Know storage basal knowledge and application
  • Know network basal knowledge and application
  • Know Huawei cloud computing basics and operational skills


  • Those who want to be cloud computing expert
  • Those who want to be cloud computing architect
  • Those who want to achieve HCIE-Cloud Computing V2.0 certification





Cloud Computing Troubleshooting

1. Cloud Computing Troubleshooting

  • Cloud Computing Troubleshooting Overview
  • FusionAccess Troubleshooting
  • FusionCompute Troubleshooting
  • FusionStorage Block Troubleshooting
  • FusionCloud Troubleshooting
Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery and Backup

1. FusionSphere Server Virtualization DR and Backup

  • FusionSphere Server Virtualization Backup Solution
  • FusionSphere Server Virtualization DR Solution

2. Huawei cloud computing DR and Backup products

  • Introduction to BCManager
  • eBackup Description
  • eReplication Description of the eReplication

3. Basic Knowledge of Disaster Recovery and Backup

  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Introduction
  • What Is Backup
  • What Is DR

4. FusionCloud private cloud DR and Backup

  • Overall Architecture of Private Cloud DR
  • Private Cloud Backup Solution
  • Private Cloud DR Solution Description


Cloud Computing Service Operations

1. FusionCloud 6.3 Private Cloud Solution

  • FusionCloud 6.3 Functional Architecture and Features
  • FusionCloud 6.3 Deployment Architecture
  • FusionCloud 6.3 Service Introduction

2. KVM Virtualization Solution Introduction

  • Background
  • Introduction to the KVM
  • Functions of the KVM

3. Huawei Cloud Computing Solution Introduction

  • FusionSphere Server Virtualization Solution
  • FusionCloud Private Cloud Solution
  • FusionAccess Desktop Cloud Solution

4. FusionSphere Server Virtualization

  • FusionSphere Server Virtualization Features
  • FusionSphere server virtualization resources
  • Process of creating a FusionSphere VM

5. FusionCloud 6.3 Private Cloud Operation

  • Introduction to Operation Management
  • External network
  • Image service
  • Specifications
  • Disk Type
  • VDC
  • VPC
  • Elastic cloud server
  • Other VPC Network Functions
  • Cloud hard disk

6. FusionSphere OpenStack 6.3 Solution Introduction

  • OpenStack Community Introduction
  • OpenStack system architecture
  • OpenStack Functions in FusionSphere
  • Functions and features of FusionSphere OpenStack
  • Specifications of FusionSphere OpenStack

7. FusionAccess Desktop Cloud Operation

  • General Configuration Process Before Desktop Provisioning
  • Process of provisioning a full copy VM
  • Process of Quickly Encapsulating a VM
  • Process of provisioning a linked clone VM
  • Common component interaction process
Cloud Computing Service Maintenances

1. Huawei Cloud Computing O&M Description

  • O&M Architecture in Huawei Private Cloud Scenarios
  • O&M at the administrator level in Huawei private cloud scenarios
  • Tenant Self-O&M in Huawei Private Cloud Scenario

2. Cloud Computing O&M Overview

  • Cloud Data Center O&M Background
  • Cloud data center O&M roles
  • Cloud Data Center O&M Contents
  • Troubleshooting

3. Huawei Cloud Computing O&M Product

  • Huawei Cloud Computing Products and O&M Modes
  • Huawei O&M Product Overview
Cloud Computing Service Migration

1. Service Migration Process Design and Huawei Migration Solution Overview

  • Migration Background
  • Service Migration Overview
  • Introduction to Service Migration
  • Migration solution design and implementation
  • Introduction to Huawei Service Migration Solution
  • Features of Huawei Service Migration Solution

2. Huawei Rainbow migration tool

  • Migration Tool Rainbow Introduction
  • Networking Requirements for Rainbow Online Migration
  • Rainbow Online Migration Principles
  • Rainbow online migration page
  • Rainbow migration scenario
  • Classification of Migration Problems and Common Solutions
  • Huawei FusionSphere Service Migration Solution
Cloud Computing Best Practice

1. Cloud computing Best Practice

  • Huawei Cloud Computing Solution
  • FusionSphere Server Virtualization Best Practice
  • FusionCloud Private Cloud Best Practice Region Type I
  • FusionCloud Region Type II Best Practice
  • FusionAccess Best Practice