HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect

RM10,000.00 RM10,600.00 (after 6% SST)

Course Duration: 10 Days



On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Be familiar with HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure, pricing, and ecosystem.
  • Understand HUAWEI CLOUD network, compute and storage design principles for different scenarios.
  • Determine database services based on business requirements and design the database architecture.
  • Master the design methods and principles of the microservice architecture.
  • Use HUAWEI CLOUD ServiceStage to build and govern microservices.
  • Understand customers’ requirements for cloud security and solutions.
  • Use tools for HUAWEI CLOUD basic O&M and multi-dimensional O&M.
  • Use migration tools provided by HUAWEI CLOUD


Participants should be familiar with the fundamentals of:

  • Have basic knowledge of public cloud services.
  • Be familiar with basic operations of public cloud services.
  • Be familiar with the basic principles of cloud computing, database, and Linux.


This training is intended for people who hope to:

  • People who want to be cloud service architects.
  • People who want to obtain HCIE-Cloud Service certificates.
  • People who want to master the overall architecture planning and design, business scenario solution design, and best practices of HUAWEI CLOUD.





1. HUAWEI CLOUD Overview and Architecture Design Principles

  • HUAWEI CLOUD Overview
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Infrastructure
  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Pricing
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Ecosystem

2. HUAWEI CLOUD Network Architecture Design

  • Basic Concepts
  • Designing a VPC Network
  • High Availability Network Access
  • Connecting VPCs to Other Networks
  • Providing Network Services Across Regions
  • Evaluating Network Performance
  • IPv6 Network

3. HUAWEI CLOUD Compute Architecture Design

  • Compute Architecture Overview
  • Cloud Server as a Service
  • Container as a Service
  • Function as a Service

4. HUAWEI CLOUD Storage Architecture Design

  • Data Storage Overview
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Cloud Data Backup
  • Cloud Data Acceleration
  • Storage DR Architecture Design

5. HUAWEI CLOUD Database Architecture Design

  • Database Overview and Migration to the Cloud
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Relational Database Services
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Non-Relational Database Services
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Database Ecosystem

6.  HUAWEI CLOUD Application Architecture Design

  • Background and Characteristics of the Cloud Application Architecture
  • Microservice Architecture Design and Division
  • Microservice Solution of HUAWEI CLOUD
  • Evolving Cloud Application Architecture
  • Emerging Microservice Architecture – Istio

7. HUAWEI CLOUD Big Data Processing and Analytics

  • Trend in Big Data Technology Development
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Big Data Services
  • HUAWEI CLOUD Big Data Solutions
  • DAYU Data Operation Platform

8. HUAWEI CLOUD O&M Architecture Design

  • HUAWEI CLOUD O&M Overview
  • Basic Service O&M on the Cloud
  • Multi-Dimensional Application O&M on the Cloud
  • Application Performance Optimization on the Cloud

9. HUAWEI CLOUD Security Architecture Design

  • Public Cloud Security Overview
  • Customer Requirements on Cloud Security and Solutions
  • Customer Service Security Design

10. HUAWEI CLOUD Cloud Migration Solution

  • Migration Design and Implementation
  • Introduction to HUAWEI CLOUD Migration Tools
  • Introduction to Migration Cases