HCIP Security

RM8,500.00 RM9,010.00 (after 6% SST)

Course Duration: 10 Days



Master Huawei’s network security technologies (including network perimeter security, application security, terminal security, etc.), and have the architecture design, deployment, and operation and maintenance capabilities of enterprise network security, to achieve overall network wireless intrusion and DDoS/APT attack defense, and to protect enterprise information

High reliability of firewalls, advanced VPN applications, network QoS management, application security protection technologies, cloud security technologies, terminal security system deployment, BYOD mobile office systems, wireless network security technologies, etc.


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the scenario of content security technologies.
  • Describe the principle of web security protect method.
  • Understand the intrusion and anti-virus principles and configuration method.
  • Describe the functionality of network security devices.
  • Describe the scenario of firewall advanced features.
  • Describe the principle of firewall advanced features.
  • Configure the firewall advanced features.
  • Troubleshoot the firewall advanced features.
  • Understand terminal security types.
  • Understand WLAN security weakness.
  • Understand terminal user management method and configurations.


Those who hope to become a network security professional. Cyber Security engineers.


HCIA certification or the similar knowledge.





1. HCIP-Security CISN Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network Network Security Devices and Networking
  • Introduction to Network Security Devices
  • Introduction to Network Security Networking Network Security O&M
  • Management of Network Security Devices
  • Analysis of Network Security Device Logs
  • Unified O&M of Network Security Devices Intelligent Up-link Selection
  • Application Scenarios of Intelligent Up-link Selection
  • Principles of Intelligent Up-link Selection
  • Application Analysis of Intelligent Up-link Selection
  • Troubleshooting of Intelligent Up-link Selection Server Load Balancing
  • SLB Overview SLB Implementation Mechanism
  • SLB Configuration and Deployment High Availability
  • IP-Link
  • BFD
  • Hot Standby
  • Link-Group
  • Eth-Trunk IPSec VPN and Applications
  • IPSec VPN Principles
  • IPSec VPN Application Scenarios
  • IPSec VPN Troubleshooting SSL VPN Technology and Application
  • SSL VPN Implementation Principles
  • Application of Certificates in SSL VPN
  • SSL VPN Application Scenario Analysis
  • SSL VPN Troubleshooting Network Bandwidth Management
  • Bandwidth Management Overview
  • Bandwidth Management Principle
  • Bandwidth Management Configuration and Deployment
  • Bandwidth Management Troubleshooting Firewall Virtual System
  • Virtual System Overview
  • Virtual System Principle
  • Virtual System Configuration and Deployment
  • Virtual System Troubleshooting
2. HCIP-Security CSSN Constructing Service Security Network Content Security Overview
  • Basic Information Security Knowledge
  • Content Security Threat
  • Content Security Technology
  • IAE Detection Engine Content Security Filtering Technologies
  • Overview of Content Security Filtering Technologies
  • File Blocking Technology Data Filtering Technology
  • Mail Filtering Technology
  • Application Behavior Control Technology
  • Configuration of Content Security Filtering Technologies
  • Troubleshooting of Content Security Filtering Technologies Web Security Protection
  • Web Security Defense Overview
  • Basic Web Principles
  • Web Attack Analysis
  • URL Filtering Technology
  • Malicious Web Page Detection Technology
  • Web Application System Protection Technology Intrusion Detection and
    Prevention Basics
  • Introduction to Network Intrusion
  • IDS
  • IPS Application of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Technologies
  • Application scenarios of intrusion prevention devices
  • Principles and configurations of intrusion prevention devices
  • Features of firewall intrusion prevention Antivirus Technologies
  • Computer Viruses Overview Antivirus Technologies
  • Gateway Antivirus Configuration Network Attack Defense Technologies
  • Introduction to Network Attacks
  • Principles of Single-Packet Attack Defense
  • Principles of Traffic Attack Defense
  • Solutions to Traffic Attacks
  • Features of Firewall Attack Defense Big-Data and Cloud Security
  • Security in the Cloud Era
  • Big Data-based Proactive Defense
  • Software-Defined Security
  • Cloud Security Solution
3. HCIP-Security CTSS Constructing Terminal Security System Terminal Security Overview
  • Necessity of terminal security
  • Design Roadmap of the Terminal Security Solution
  • Introduction to the Terminal Security System
  • Security system maintenance solution WLAN Security Technology
  • WLAN Overview WLAN Security Overview
  • WLAN Security Threats
  • WLAN Security Technology
  • Typical WLAN Security Design Cases Agile Controller-Campus Installation
  • Agile Controller-Campus Overview
  • Agile Controller-Campus Deployment Solution
  • Install the Agile Controller-Campus
  • Start the Agile Controller-Campus for the First Time
  • Uninstall the Agile Controller-Campus
  • High-Reliability Deployment of the Agile Controller-Campus User Management Technology
  • User Management Overview
  • Multi-account Authentication
  • User Management Functions
  • Typical Application Cases 802.1X Authentication and MAC Address
  • Access Control Overview
  • 802.1X Authentication and MAC Address Authentication Principles
  • 802.1X Authentication and MAC Address Authentication Configurations and Deployment
  • 802.1X Authentication Troubleshooting SACG Authentication
  • SACG Authentication Principles
  • SACG Authentication Configuration and Deployment
  • SACG Authentication Troubleshooting Portal Authentication
  • Portal Authentication Principles
  • Portal Authentication Configuration and Deployment
  • Portal Authentication Troubleshooting Agile Network
  • Principles of the Agile Network Solution
  • Configurations of Agile Features eSight Service Management
  • eSight Functions
  • Network Management Protocols and Features
  • Network Resource Management
  • Secure Center Management IPSec VPN Management