HCSP-IP Network

RM3,500.00 RM3,710.00 (after 6% SST)

Course Duration: 4 Days



Be able to build IP industry solutions, independently operate projects, conduct solution technical communication, identify customer pain points, develop appropriate solutions, and have strong competitive analysis and quotation capabilities




For pre-sales professionals of partners who sell products and solutions for outside government and enterprise businesses, and those who want to obtain the HCSP-IP Network certification





1. Huawei CloudCampus Solution

  • CloudCampus Overview
  • Ultra-Broadband Connectivity
  • Simplified Network
  • Multi-Purpose Network
  • Access Authentication
  • Intelligent Policy
  • Intelligent O&M
  • Intelligent Security

2. Campus Network Intelligent O&M iMaster NCE-CampusInsight

  • Overview of iMaster NCE-CampusInsight
  • Product technical highlights (Telemetry, Visibility, Analysis, Optimization, Assurance)

3. Small- and Medium-Sized Campus Network Design Guide

  • Huawei CloudCampus Solution
  • Huawei CloudCampus Solution Design for Small- and Medium-Sized Campus Networks (Networking solution design, Network design, QoS design, Security design, O&M design)
  • Typical Industry Application Scenarios

4. Enterprise WLAN Networking Design

  • WLAN Networking Architecture Overview
  • WLAN Networking Architecture (FAT AP, Fit AP, Leader AP, CloudCampus)
  • Typical WLAN Networking Solutions

5. Enterprise WLAN Planning and Design

  • Overview of WLAN Network Planning and Design
  • WLAN Network Planning and Delivery Process
  • WLAN Project Acceptance
  • WLAN Planning Case

6. Introduction to Enterprise WLAN Tools

  • WLAN Planner
    • Main interfaces introduction
    • Network planning in six steps
    • 3D simulation
    • Tools for planning
  • CloudCampus APP
    • Pre-sales estimation
    • Pre-sales site survey
    • Delivery and acceptance
    • Toolkit

7. Introduction to Components of the CloudFabric Solution

  • Basic Concepts of the CloudFabric Solution
  • Architecture of the CloudFabric Solution
  • Components of the CloudFabric Solution

8. CloudFabric Underlay and Overlay Network Design

  • Underlay Network Design
    • Underlay Network Overview
    • Routing Design
    • Access Design
    • Egress Design
    • Data Planning
  • Overlay Network Design
    • Overlay Network Overview
    • Policy Plane
    • Control Plane
    • Forwarding Plane
  • High Reliability Design on the Underlay Network