MySQL Cluster Ed 2

RM4,960.00 RM5,257.60 (after 6% SST)

This MySQL Cluster training teaches you how to install and configure a real-time database cluster at the core of your application. Expert instructors will teach you how to design and maintain your clusters for high availability and scalability by using MySQL Cluster’s open-source and enterprise components.

Course Duration: 4 Days
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The MySQL Fundamentals training is the first step in mastering MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database. Develop solid understanding and practical experience using relational databases, SQL and the MySQL Server and tools.In this course, you will be introduced to the MySQL Cloud Service.


  • Administrator
  • Architect
  • Database Administrator
  • Developer
  • Implementer
  • Systems Administrator


  • MySQL for Beginners Ed 3
  • MySQL for Database Administrators Ed 3
  • Oracle Linux 5 & 6 System Administration Ed 2
  • Linux administration skills
  • MySQL server configuration and usage
  • Familiarity with VirtualBox


  • Must have a working knowledge of database concepts
  • Must have a working knowledge of UNIX/Linux command-prompt usage
  • Must have a basic knowledge of computer networking


  • Describe the features and benefits of MySQL
  • Explain the basics of relational databases
  • Design an effective database
  • Issue MySQL statements from the mysql command-line client
  • Perform database operations by using MySQL Workbench
  • Select appropriate data types for your database
  • Build a database and tables by using SQL
  • Modify the structure of your database
  • Create indexes and keys
  • Add or update database data
  • Query data with SELECT statements
  • Join data from multiple tables
  • Use built-in MySQL functions
  • Export and import database data
  • Explain database transactions
  • Gain an understanding on the MySQL Cloud Service