05 Oct 2020

Cloud is growing Malaysia’s ICT Spending for 2020 is expected to decline following the COVID-19 outbreak but an increase in interests towards cloud related services can be observed. Recent data and surveys indicate that there is a strong and steady growth towards investments and adoption of cloud services in 2020. This is because cloud-based applications and storage options has shown to ...

29 Jun 2020

Are you Prepared for a Post-COVID 19 Workforce? While we don't know how much we are truly affected by Covid-19, we can only do our best to adapt ourselves to the new norm of being socially distanced in our everyday lives or at work. According to Huawei, almost all industries from education to retail will see a big boost in the adoption of cloud and online solutions. This is to cater to ...

13 Apr 2020

Veeam Solution Day 2019
Our CEO Mr. Yap was a trainer by trade and believed strongly in the need and value of proper training and development systems. At the time, there were indeed training facilities but their Vision was not wholly aligned with the ideas that he had at the time. Taking a leap of faith with only himself and his partners, Infosyte was established as an education center that believed in providi...