25 May 2020

Transforming your Cloud Learning Experience Part 2

A Live Virtual Class does not have the same capacity limitation as a real classroom and because of that, there is a range of software and applications to choose from. You can have an open session where anyone can join in or maybe keeping it to a reasonable number of participants would suit your needs. The point to take away is that regardless of your choice of platform to conduct your live virtual classes, there are always a few key functions that are must-haves. Here are the must-have functions for a Live Virtual Class by our Trainers.

  1. Communication Flexibility – Being able to communicate via multiple channels makes it easy to share information rapidly and ensures that they be as inclusive as possible
  2. Training Materials Schedule – You can’t have classes without training materials and Virtual Classes emphasizes flexibility and control over the learning experience hence why having a schedule to set expectations is important
  3. Personalization and Visibility – Ensuring that every student is unique and is able to inject their own personal traits and ideas into the class and being able to personalize their own learning experience.
  4. Messaging Function – Communication between students and trainers using an online messaging platform means that there are logs to keep track of your questions and notifies the relevant parties to respond which is harder to accomplish in a real world-class setting
  5. Drawing and Sketch Function – Being able to sketch a graph or draw a table makes the teaching and learning experience interactive and boosts attention
  6. Recording and Editing Functions for Sharing – Having the capability to rewind and review the class helps the trainer in spotting mistakes and improving their materials. For the students, they would be able to learn at their own pace
  7. Audience Privacy Options – Ensuring that the classes are attended by students that have registered and been approved in the case of private classes or limited classes.

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