26 May 2020

Transforming your Cloud Learning Experience Part 3

For the student, a virtual classroom is not only flexible in timing but also in environments. For many, having the right study environment is paramount to have better results as you would feel much more comfortable in your selected environment. You won’t have to worry about external distractions such as not having your questions answered due to monitoring software.

You can drown out ambient noises with headphones which might be suitable if you are studying on the go. In short, a virtual classroom provides the flexibility that a traditional classroom does not which you can be in control of, and provides work-life balance options for those that desire it.

However, a virtual classroom does not take into account the personal contribution and attention span of the students which means that the students themselves are responsible for the quality and result of their studies. There are however measures that can be taken to ensure that a certain level of moderation is done with assessments and participation requirements set by the trainers as part of their evaluation scores.

Taking the points above into consideration, a virtual classroom setting has much more benefits than cons and can be easily adapted and implemented in anyone’s day to day provided that it suits their lifestyle and they are able to self-motivate and adhere to the rules and guidelines set by their trainers and training institutions.

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