Veeam Solution Day 2019

13 Apr 2020

Veeam Authorised Education Centre (VMAEC)

Training Courses and Classes can be found on the internet pretty easily with just a few quick searches, but did you know that not all of them have been certified by Veeam and do not have the authority to conduct their classes? Before signing up, you have to check with Veeam if they are a certified (VMAEC) Veeam Authorised Education Centre.

Veeam Solution Day 2019

A VMAEC means that the training centre has met the criteria guidelines required and established the level of expertise required to implement and configure Veeam software correctly and effectively. The designation also verifies that their trainers have the necessary knowledge and experience as a Veeam Expert. That means that they are authorised to conduct training courses based on the standards and requirements of Veeam but are also authorised to conduct the certification examinations as well.

We are the only VMAEC in Malaysia as of 2020 and have been recognised for our skills and certified trainers which have earned us numerous accolades within the training and ICT industry. As a Veeam Certified Training Centre, we offer a variety of courses ranging from foundational to advanced levels which are technical and essential in providing the necessary information and experience needed to operate on Veeam solutions. Our training is delivered through multiple formats which include In-person classes, online classes, and lab sessions.

Veeam Solution Day 2019
Veeam Solution Day 2019

We continue to grow our relationship with Veeam and to ensure our standards and trainers are always ready to give their best and uphold our premier standard within the ICT industry and establish ourselves as a leader in education and training.

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