13 Apr 2020

VEEAM Certified

As most people would say, Data is the lifeblood of a company and being able to not only manage but to preserve the data that they’ve collected is not an easy feat due to the vast amount of raw data that is collected. No doubt that when it comes to data management and storage, the name Veeam comes to mind. Their solutions and products are aimed at making data management and protection simple, flexible, and reliable. That being said, it’s not very efficient to have good software and solutions if there isn’t anyone proficient enough to fully utilize them.

That’s where the certifications from Veeam come into play where it is recommended to have the ones operating and managing the software to be trained and proficient. Veeam certifications do not demonstrate an individual’s ability to memorize and replicate training course content. Veeam exams test an individual’s capability to successfully perform a role in the real world.

The journey for the certification is straightforward and requires 2 steps which can be seen below

  1. The VMCE certification is documented proof that an administrator or engineer has the necessary level of expertise to deploy, configure and manage Veeam Availability Suite.
  2. The VMCE-ADO certification is documented proof that an administrator, engineer or architect has the necessary skills to design, deploy and optimize Veeam Availability Suite either in enterprise environments or in a professional services capacity.
  3. The VMCA certification is documented proof that an individual has the necessary skills to manage all stages of a Veeam Availability Suite installation. It can only be achieved by possessing both the VMCE and VMCE-ADO certifications.