Microsoft PowerPoint Foundation

RM250.00 RM265.00 (after 6% SST)

Duration: 1 day (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)



Upon completion of the course, participant should be able to:

  • Create and design presentation
  • Modify and reset slides
  • Change text style and apply text effect
  • Apply Bullets and Numbers
  • Apply themes on slides
  • Present the slides
  • Printing presentation


This course is suitable for participant such as Admin, Clerk, Managers of all levels, and others who are using Microsoft PowerPoint for their day-to-day job.


  • Basic IT literacy on how to operate a computer
  • No prerequisite on knowledge needed for this course since this is the foundation level on Microsoft Powerpoint


  • This course will be conducted with lectures, PowerPoint Presentation, demonstration on lab, and practical exercise.



Training Content

Module 1: Starting Presentation
  • Starting PowerPoint
  • The Interface
  • Saving a Presentation
  • Opening a Presentation
  • Creating a New Presentation
Module 2: Creating Slide
  • Adding Slides to a Presentation
  • Selecting, Moving, and Deleting Slides
  • Changing and Resetting the Layout
  • Working with Sections
Module 3: Managing Text
  • Changing the Font Face, Size, and Colour
  • Changing Character Spacing
  • Applying Text Effects
  • Using the Format Painter
Module 4: Managing Objects
  • Selecting Text and Objects
  • Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Using Undo and Redo
  • Checking Your Spelling
Module 5: Working with Text
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Applying Bullets and Numbers
  • Changing Text Alignment
  • Formatting Text as Columns
  • Changing Line Spacing
  • Changing Text Direction
Module 6: Formatting the Presentation
  • Choosing a Theme
  • Choosing a Variant
  • Changing the Slide Size
Module 7: Viewing and Printing Your Presentation
  • Viewing the Slide Show
  • Using Views
  • Using Zoom
  • Printing a Presentation