Do you have weekend classes / 1 to 1 (Private Training)?

We offer a wide variety of classes and course customization for our classes while focusing on the needs of our clients.

To check our our course list, please click here. For any further enquires, please speak to our Course Managers.

What is the minimum number of participants for In-House Training?

We require a minimum pax count of 5-8 for our in-house training. Our training courses and calendar can be found here.

Class Enrolment

How do i register for a class?

Thank you for your inquiry, You can contact us  either through WhatsApp or via email at : sales@infosyte.com. Our Course Managers will assist you with the registration process.

Where are the trainings conducted?

The trainings are conducted in Setiawalk Puchong.

Can I bring my own device?

Yes, you are free to bring along your devices relevant to the classes.

Certificate & Examination

Do i receive a certification after the training class has concluded?

For courses that do not require an examination, you will receive a certification of attendance. As for courses that required an examination, you are required to pass the examination to receive a completion certification.

Do you have an exam for (any) training?

We provide exam bundle package for the courses. Please contact us for further information.


What is HRDF?

Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) is a government agency under the Ministry of Human Resources through the Human Resources Development Berhad Act, 2001. Employers who are registered and/or incorporated in Malaysia, and is registered with the HRDF are eligible to apply for training grants (financial assistance) to finance all or most of the “allowable costs“ employee training.

How to claim with HRDF?

  • You need to check with your HR Department if your company is a HRDF registered company in order to be eligible for HRDF support. Otherwise, they can register with HRDF.
  • Training grants can be applied online through the HRDF online portal.
  • Please contact HRDF for any further questions regarding the HRDF claim.
    All claims are subjected to the approval by HRDF.

Are all your training classes HRDF claimable?

  • Yes! All of our training classes are HRDF claimable which is subjected to the approval of HRDF
  • You can check with your HR to apply and claim for the training grant online
  • Please contact HRDF for any further questions regarding HRDF claim


What is SST?

  • SST is Sales and Services Tax that has been implemented in Malaysia
  • SST is comprised of two legislative acts: the Sales Tax Act 2018, levied on taxable goods that are imported into, or manufactured in Malaysia; and the Service Tax Act 2018 on selected prescribed service providers. The SST are a sales tax of 10% and a service tax of 6%

When will the SST effective?

  • The SST implementation at InfoSyte Sdn Bhd is effective as of 1st August 2019. Training and services provided by InfoSyte Sdn Bhd will include SST at a standard rate of 6% which will be on the invoice issued from 1st August 2019 onwards.
  • For more information on the SST, please visit the Royal Malaysian Customs’ website to check on our SST registration status.
  • Name of Business: INFOSYTE SDN BHD
    SST Registration Number: B16-1902-32000063

Who will be charged on SST?

All Infosyte’s customers including non-Malaysian customers that have their billing address registered in Malaysia will be charged a 6% service tax, in accordance to the service tax act 2018 for the proportion services render after 1st august 2019 where payment has been made prior to the service delivery.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

What if I cannot attend the training?

  • Participant(s) who failed to attend the training on the date(s) as registered and confirmed shall have their registration voided or nullified and payment shall be forfeited immediately.
  • A 50% of the standard course fee will be charged if written notice of cancellation/postponement is received less than seven [7] working days.
  • A 100% of the standard course fee will charged if written notice of cancellation/postponement is received less than three [3] working days.

Training rescheduling

Participant(s) training rescheduling is subject to Infosyte Sdn Bhd acceptance and approval. Infosyte Sdn Bhd reserves the absolute right to reject such request at our sole discretion.