28 Jul 2022

Demystify Huawei Cloud

Demystify Huawei Cloud

Topics that we will dive in are SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) on Public Cloud platform and how it brings convenience to the users.

In this session, our Huawei Cloud expert – Praveen will bring everyone to venture into Huawei Cloud and back. Praveen will also guide everyone to look into a simple demonstration on how to purchase an Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) / Virtual Machine (VM) on the Huawei Cloud platform.

Without further hesitation, let’s join the session and gain some insight from his perspective!

Mr Praveen Nair
Trainer at Infosyte

Praveen started off his IT career as Project Engineer taking care of the network infrastructure of the organizations across Asia. His areas of expertise are storage, cloud and big data where he is tasked to conduct the respective training when he joined Infosyte in 2017. He is very informative and engaging with his students to keep the learning session interesting. As a result, Praveen became one of the favourite trainers for South Africa students where the students specifically requested for Praveen to be their trainers.

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