16 Mar 2022

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

Learn new things while having your lunch anywhere! Make use of your time, filling your stomach and knowledge at the same time!
Emerging technology is defined as the new technology that’s still in continuing-development and is expected to be available in the next 5 to 10 years. In this session, we will have a brief discussion about what are some emerging technology nowadays, with some simple examples to tell our participants about a few technologies like AI, IOT and Big Data.

Mr Luke Kang
Trainer at Infosyte, Huawei and Microsoft Certified Trainer
Luke is a trainer with at least 10 years under his belt in the field of Information Technology (IT). Therefore, he is very knowledgeable in the IT field especially in emerging technologies. He specialize in both Cloud Technology and Big Data.
Ms Gabby Liau
Trainer at Infosyte,
Huawei and Microsoft Certified Trainer

Gabby has over 2 years’ in the Field of Professional Training. She is the leading trainer on futuristic technology in the company where she specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Services.

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