22 Sep 2020

[Download] Fundamentals for a Hybrid Cloud Strategy – Microsoft Azure

Hybrid cloud has become a strategic asset for many companies as they take steps toward digital transformation. A hybrid cloud approach refers to one that can span on-premises, multiple clouds, and even edge environments.

A hybrid cloud system can deliver significant business value, as long as it’s supported by a solid foundation. What does a solid foundation look like? 

While every company’s structure will vary, all hybrid solutions depend on the strength of three fundamental components: networking, identity and access management, and security. As you develop your strategy for deploying hybrid solutions, make sure that these three fundamentals are stable and scalable to support your hybrid cloud environment.

Learn how you can manage your infrastructure more easily, innovate faster as well as improving your security using the hybrid cloud. At the end of this article, you can download the one page guide which is a guide on how you can use the three fundamentals to create your hybrid cloud strategy


Using a hybrid network to both connect and extend your current resources, protect your system, and to deliver excellent and consistent experiences to your customers through your apps

Identity and access management

Create a common user identity for authentication and authorization to all resources, regardless of location


The ability to manage your hybrid cloud security across on-premises, the multi-cloud, and edge infrastructures from a single place

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