13 Apr 2020

Huawei Authorized Learning Partners (HALPs)

In parallel with its development in the Enterprise market, Huawei launched the industry’s most comprehensive IT training and certification program. The Huawei Enterprise Training and Certification Program draws on Huawei’s more than 20 years of experience in developing IT talent in more than 160 countries around the world.

Huawei’s Southern Pacific Partners Appreciation Day 2019

The certification is divided into individual-oriented career certification and partner-oriented specialization certification. Horizontally, individual-oriented career certification covers 10 technical fields, including routers, switches, security, and wireless. There are three vertical certification levels in each technical field: Associate (A), Professional (P), and Expert (E). Levels A and P are suited for individual-oriented career certifications while all three levels make up the Partner-oriented specialist certification.

Huawei Authorized Learning Partners (HALPs) conduct Huawei training and certification. Authorized by Huawei, HALPs are social training institutions that provide training services for the public and cultivate talent who can meet the demand of Huawei’s industry chain as well as the needs of the enterprises within.

Huawei IT Competition Southern Pacific Region 2018 – 2019

InfoSyte Sdn Bhd has been an official Huawei Authorised Learning Partner (HALP) since its inception and we are one of the only 2 recognized HALP institutes in Malaysia, and are authorized by Huawei to implement their training programs under their standards and guidelines.

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