HCIA-Artificial Intelligence (AI)

RM4,500.00 RM4,770.00 (after 6% SST)

Course Duration: 5 Days



On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the overview of AI
  • To solve the tasks of different types, understand the whole process from data acquisition and processing, model building to result output and evaluation
  • Understand the overview of Deep Learning
  • Basic understanding of TensorFlow 2.1.0, Pytorch, MindSpore framework, can realize simple application
  • Understand Huawei’s strategic layout in artificial intelligence and Huawei Cloud EI
  • Understand Huawei Ascend series products
  • Master the basic functions of the Atlas development board
  • Understand HUAWEI HiAI
  • Understand HUAWEI EI


  • Be familiar with basic operations on Linux operating systems
  • Possess the basic knowledge of advanced mathematics, and have studied the pre-curriculum of Mathematics
  • Familiar with python language, have studied the pre-course of “Python Basics”


  • Those who hope to become AI engineers
  • Those who hope to obtain an HCIA-AI certificate
  • Those who hope to know how to use, manage, and maintain Huawei AI products and AI cloud services




AI Overview
  • AI Overview
  • Technical Fields and Application Fields of AI
  • Huawei’s AI Development Strategy
  • AI Disputes
  • Future Prospects of AI
Machine Learning Overview
  • Machine Learning Definition
  • Machine Learning Types
  • Machine Learning Process
  • Other Key Machine Learning Methods
  • Common Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Case Study
Deep Learning Overview
  • Deep Learning Summary
  • Training Rules
  • Activation Function
  • Regularization
  • Optimizer
  • Types of Neural Network
  • Common Problems
Mainstream Development Frameworks for AI
  • Mainstream Development Frameworks
  • TensorFlow 2 x Basics
  • Common Modules of TensorFlow 2 x
  • Basic Steps of Deep Learning Development
Huawei AI Development Framework MindSpore
  • MindSpore Development Framework
  • MindSpore Development and Application
Huawei AI Computing Platform Atlas
  • Overview of AI Chips
  • Hardware Architecture of Ascend Chips
  • Software Architecture of Ascend Chips
  • Huawei Atlas AI Computing Platform
  • Industry Applications of Atlas
Huawei Open AI Platform for Smart Devices
  • AI Industry Ecosystem
  • Huawei HiAI Platform
  • Developing Apps Based on Huawei HiAI Platform
HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Intelligence Application Platform
  • Overview of HUAWEI CLOUD EI
  • ModelArts
  • HUAWEI CLOUD EI Solutions