HCIA-Artificial Intelligence (AI)

RM4,500.00 RM4,770.00 (after 6% SST)

Course Duration: 5 Days



  • Those who hope to become AI engineers
  • Those who hope to obtain an HCIA-AI certificate
  • Those who hope to know how to use, manage, and maintain Huawei AI products and AI cloud services


  • Be familiar with basic operations on Linux operating systems
  • Possess the basic knowledge of advanced mathematics, and have studied the pre-curriculum of Mathematics
  • Familiar with python language, have studied the pre-course of “Python Basics”


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the overview of AI
  • To solve the tasks of different types, understand the whole process from data acquisition and processing, model building to result output and evaluation
  • Understand the overview of Deep Learning
  • Basic understanding of TensorFlow 2.1.0, Pytorch, MindSpore framework, can realize simple application
  • Understand Huawei’s strategic layout in artificial intelligence and Huawei Cloud EI
  • Understand Huawei Ascend series products
  • Master the basic functions of the Atlas development board
  • Understand HUAWEI HiAI
  • Understand HUAWEI EI



AI Overview
(1) AI Overview
(2) Technical Fields and Application Fields of AI
(3) Huawei’s AI Development Strategy
(4) AI Disputes
(5) Future Prospects of AI

Machine Learning Overview
(1) Machine Learning Definition
(2) Machine Learning Types
(3) Machine Learning Process
(4) Other Key Machine Learning Methods
(5) Common Machine Learning Algorithms
(6) Case Study

Deep Learning Overview
(1) Deep Learning Summary
(2) Training Rules
(3) Activation Function
(4) Regularization
(5) Optimizer
(6) Types of Neural Network
(7) Common Problems

Mainstream Development Frameworks for AI
(1) Mainstream Development Frameworks
(2) TensorFlow 2 x Basics
(3) Common Modules of TensorFlow 2 x
(4) Basic Steps of Deep Learning Development

Huawei AI Development Framework MindSpore
(1) MindSpore Development Framework
(2) MindSpore Development and Application

Huawei AI Computing Platform Atlas
(1) Overview of AI Chips
(2) Hardware Architecture of Ascend Chips
(3) Software Architecture of Ascend Chips
(4) Huawei Atlas AI Computing Platform
(5) Industry Applications of Atlas

Huawei Open AI Platform for Smart Devices
(1) AI Industry Ecosystem
(2) Huawei HiAI Platform
(3) Developing Apps Based on Huawei HiAI Platform

HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Intelligence Application Platform
(1) Overview of HUAWEI CLOUD EI
(2) ModelArts
(3) HUAWEI CLOUD EI Solutions