Microsoft Excel Intermediate

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Duration: 1 day (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

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Upon completion of the course, participant should be able to:

  • Perform reference calculation
  • Using function for data calculation and extraction
  • Organize and filter data in worksheet
  • Create and modify graph in worksheet
  • Managing multi windows of workbook in the same worksheet


  • This course will be conducted with lectures, PowerPoint Presentation, demonstration on lab, and practical exercise.


Basic knowledge of Windows is essential with the following pre-requisites:

  • Have already attended Microsoft Excel Foundation, OR
  • Able to navigate the worksheet user interface
  • Able to use the basic calculus and formula on worksheet
  • Able to manipulate the row and column in worksheet
  • Able to change cell format


This course is suitable for participant such as Admin, Clerk, Manager, data analysis, and others who are using Microsoft Excel for their day-to-day job.




Module 1: Referencing Calculations

Topic A – Formula Reference

  • Relative References
  • Absolute References
  • Mixed References


Module 2: Working with Functions

Topic A: Data Summary with Function


Topic B: Conditional Data Summary 1


Topic C: Conditional Data Extraction

  • IF
Module 3: Organizing Dynamic Data Range with Tables

Topic A: Create and Modify Tables

  • Create table
  • Styles and Quick Style Sets
  • Removing Duplicate Values

Topic B: Sort and Filter Data

  • Sorting Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Advanced Filtering

Topic C: Use Subtotal to Calculate Data

  • Total Row with SubTotal Functions


Module 4: Visualizing Data as a Graphics

Topic A: Conditional Formatting

  • Highlight Cell Rules
  • Using Data Bars
  • Using Icon Sets
  • Creating New Rules with Formula

Topic B: Create Charts

  • Charts
  • Chart Types
  • Chart Insertion Methods
  • Resizing and Moving the Chart
  • Adding Additional Data
  • Switching Between Rows and Columns

Topic C: Modify and Format Charts

  • Difference Between Modifying and Formatting
  • Chart Elements
  • Minimize Extraneous Chart Elements
  • The Chart Tools Contextual Tabs
  • Formatting the Chart with a Style
  • Adding a Legend to the Chart


Module 5: Setting Up Reports as Pages

Topic A: Managing Multiple Windows

  • Arranging Workbooks
  • Comparing Workbooks Side by Side
  • Synchronous Scrolling and Resetting a Windows