Veeam Solution Day 2019

13 Apr 2020

The Infosyte Story

Our CEO Mr. Yap was a trainer by trade and believed strongly in the need and value of proper training and development systems. At the time, there were indeed training facilities but their Vision was not wholly aligned with the ideas that he had at the time.

Taking a leap of faith with only himself and his partners, Infosyte was established as an education center that believed in providing only the highest standard of training courses in order to prepare their students for the ever-growing and fast-paced world of ICT. From just 1 trainer in 2009, Infosyte has grown exponentially with a team of in house trainers that covers a variety of ICT fields that compliments our core values to always strive for continued excellence and seek out knowledge and experience.

Huawei Partner ICT Skill Competition Malaysia 2018

To date, Infosyte has handled various projects from across the globe and we are just getting started. Our team and trainers share the same values and that is our desire to ensure all those that attend our training and classes will receive a qualitative and quantitative experience. We promise to do our best to be at the forefront of the ever-changing technological landscape. Our goals for 2020 and onwards is to build our platform that will make it easier for our clients and students to benefit from the years of accumulated experience and knowledge that we at Infosyte has to offer.

From being the first training centre in Malaysia to be recognised as an official learning partner by Huawei, we’ve expanded our professional reach by being the official partner of Veeam, Oracle, CompTia, and Microsoft. Our team of trainers are also trained to teach across platforms and systems which is accredited to both their love for knowledge and the core values of Infosyte. We have much more content coming up, from tips and tricks to updates on the current training trends. Sign up for our Newsletter today and keep updated with us.

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