22 May 2020

Transforming your Cloud Learning Experience Part 1

Training in our current age can be divided into offline or online with the former being preferred due to the live presence and personalization of the course to engage and stimulate participants. Online training on the other hand was viewed as a way to deliver short bursts of information and can be used to deliver their classes to a large audience but was not as effective. But most of these notions were thrown out when countries started initiating mass restrictions on travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic and focused on keeping live interactions and proximity to a minimum between people by utilizing social distancing. This in turn forced businesses to require their employees to work from home where only essential businesses and services were allowed to operate with certain restrictions.

Employees had to utilize online productivity tools and conferencing applications like Zoom or Google Meet to conduct meetings and information sharing. What does that mean then for Training and Educational Institutes that was more Offline in all aspects of their business functions? Take Infosyte for example, we transitioned ourselves to start organizing and conducting Virtual Classes and to generate and share our knowledge and expertise through online videos and articles. It is not without a learning curve and requires adaptability and training. In this upcoming series, we will be sharing our own experience with online training as well as providing our view on the effectiveness and what can you do for it to be effective both as an educator and as a student.

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