19 Aug 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – A Starter Guide [2 Minute Read]


Artificial intelligence (AI) 

It’s a hot buzzword and topic today with almost every industry investing and integrating AI in some form and scale within their business. Just over 10 years ago,most people would be thinking that advanced machines were robots that came out of sci-fi movies, able to do any tasks presented to them.

AI refers to a machine that can perform functions and tasks by mimicking the human thought process and is learn and solve problems. Nowadays, AI is used in almost all industries, giving a technological edge to all companies integrating AI at scale. According to McKinsey, AI has the potential to bring 50 percent more incremental value in banking compared with other analytics techniques. In transport and logistic, the potential revenue jump is 89 percent more.

In a nutshell, AI provides a cutting-edge technology to deal with complex data which is impossible to handle by a human being. AI automates redundant jobs allowing a worker to focus on the high level, value-added tasks. When AI is implemented at scale, it leads to cost reduction and revenue increase.

AI technology is much more common than most people think. An example is the voice assistant that are in recent smartphones or computers. The data that is collected through the usage and interactions would help businesses in predicting and artificial intelligence is used to reduce or avoid the repetitive task. For instance, AI can repeat a task continuously, without fatigue. In fact, AI never rests, and it is indifferent to the task to carry out commending products that you would appeal to.

One company that has invested heavily in AI research is Huawei which focused on developing the hardware and algorithms for increased efficiency, security, and automated machine learning solutions. They are looking at AI to develop solutions for both their customers and partners. By integrating with cloud systems, Huawei will be able to provide a platform where AI application can be developed for almost any situation. We might see a smart world where everything is connected and automated.

Huawei HCIA-AI

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