13 Apr 2020

Training – the Infosyte way

Have you ever heard your colleagues around you complain about the speed of work processes? Or maybe about how slow your CRM systems are? There are quite a number of reasons that could be attributed to those scenarios but the one that is usually the cause is the lack of learning & development (L&D) for employees or the lack of focus on the need for L&D.

There are usually 3 scenarios that happen when the topic of L&D comes up in a conversation :

  1. Company A has just bought new software that requires its staff to be proficient at. They are then sent for a course that ensures they receive the necessary training and information required. No further training or upskilling is done even when there are updates and improvements to the software being used
  2. Employees are asked to use internet resources to fill their knowledge and skill gaps as L&D is expensive and the company has no budget for that.
  3. Company A sends a couple of senior staff members for courses and is then tasked with providing the same training to other employees.

Here at Infosyte, we advise our clients on the importance of having a dedicated schedule for the L&D of their employees to ensure that not only will they be well prepared for any problems that might arise internally or externally but also remain competitive with how fast technology is changing. We lead by example by ensuring that our own trainers and staff are periodically sent for courses that will update them on the current changes and address the gaps in their knowledge in order to provide the same standards that we are trying to help our clients achieve.

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