15 May 2020

Veeam®Availability Suite™ v10 – What’s New?

The Business of Data

People who have worked in organizations large and small and notice that there are many differences between the two, but one thing that doesn’t differ is that at the heart of the business is always DATA

Mining, Analyzing, Storing, and Protecting that data and making sure that it is available and accessible at any time is a common goal among them.

Whether it’s to back up some files, or for a full-scale environment spanning the virtual cloud as well as handling physical workloads. You would expect your backup solution to work as well as scalable to meet any working environment and needs.

In the business of data backup and protection, Veeam has been a trusted partner for more than 375,000 companies around the world for protecting their most precious asset and growing.

What about V10?

Being prepared for what’s next, and where the ever-changing IT environment goes is what Veeam has been excelling in and improving constantly.

From innovating changes to provide a complete user experience for their clients to unique solutions that add on layers of protection in order to secure their data.

Veeam has built up a reputation among the industry based mostly on their focus on making their products and solutions simple, flexible, adaptable, and reliable for organizations of all sizes. 

Recently, they have taken another step forward by ushering in the next generation of data backup which includes data protection capabilities that increase availability, portability, and extensibility with the new Veeam Availability Suite v10.

Version 10 packs in over 150 new capabilities and improvements that will enable their clients to backup and recover critical workloads, whether cloud, virtual or physical, regardless of location.


The Key Points

Veeam Availability Suite v10 hosts several key features including:

  • modernized file data protection for NAS
  • 100% bulletproof ransomware protection
  • next-generation Instant Recovery Engine 
  • greater platform extensibility
  • data reuse through new APIs
  • and numerous enhancements that broaden the Veeam Ecosystem

With the launch of the new V10, Veeam continues to extend its lead in the data protection market and continuing to show its focus and commitment on delivering innovation that still meets the core theme of delivering solutions that are simple, flexible, and reliable.

This is to ensure that any kind of business needs are catered to thus enabling their clients to make smarter and more informed decisions because they will not need to spend time and resources on ensuring that their data backup solutions are always updated and secured.

To learn more about the new VMCE V10 Certification and our classes, Contact Us Today and we’ll see you in class soon.


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