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The free webinar from CompTIA

18 Aug 2022

Connect & Deliver Tech Talent with CompTIA

The free webinar from CompTIA


When we talk about IT related certifications, we always think of Cisco, AWS, Google Cloud and Linux.

However, there is one powerful certification that is recognised globally but rarely talked about which is the CompTIA Certification. CompTIA is a vendor-neutral professional certification and they are considered to be one of the IT industry’s top trade associations.

In this upcoming live event, we will be graced by the presence of Mr. Hairil Izwan Isamuddin and he is the Country Manager for CompTIA that covers Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. He will be giving us an overview of CompTIA Certifications and how a certification can pave your career’s pathway in the IT industry.

Ever wondered what certification CompTIA brings or what does certification do for your career? Wait no further as your questions will be answered today! Sign up now to reserve your seat!

Who should attend?

Suitable for anyone who are seeking tools for the improvement of their career.

Why should attend?

After this session, whether or not the participants are working in the IT field, everyone will have a better understanding about the importance of various certifications to their career, as IT technology nowadays has became so essential to our daily works.

Mr. Hairil Izwan Isamuddin
Trainer at Infosyte, Double IE – HCIE Storage & HCIE Routing & Switching, LPIC Certified, RHCE (RedHat Certified)

Mr. Hairil Izwan Isamuddin, Country Manager at CompTIA  Inc. (The Computing & Technology Industry Association). CompTIA is a worldwide tech association, leading provider for IT & Cybersecurity industry-recognised professional certification that validate workforce & student competencies in-line to industry standards cum employers demand. Solution-centric business personnel with broad know-how of enterprise ecosystem & learning industry. Over 16 years of progressive experiences who undertakes various scope and leading roles in technology, business and project operations, education management and consultancy. Possesses practical knowledge in large scale projects backed with extensive ICT background. Held 13 professional certifications across multiple vendor. Industry advisory panel and board members for numerous academic institutions. Graduated from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP).

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Thank you for attending these sessions. I am excited to speak with you and share my knowledge about computers and the global IT trend. I am confident that Full Size Computer Partners will be able to take you to the next level and help you understand how technology works in terms of capability development, upskilling, risk mitigation, contest locations, and all other training aspects.

Without further ado, I will share my screen with you. If there are any videos that do not work during my presentation, we will move forward and focus on the information that I will be sharing with you for the next 30 minutes.

The computer is here in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Some of you may have heard about Conquia or just learned about computers today. However, today is the day when we want to shed light on the past and present of Computers, the global IT trend, and how they can contribute to your career development in the IT world, be it in Cyber City, server, or networking.

I believe that some of you here are from an HR or IT background, and it is crucial to understand how technology works toward the IT industry’s future.

Let’s start by discussing something that is currently threatening and concerning us all – the global dimension of cybercrime, which is costing us trillions of dollars globally. As I look at the data I am sharing with you today, let’s break it down by year, where the total cost of cybercrime globally was 6 trillion USD. This has affected us all around the world, including in Malaysia. Looking at it from a monthly business perspective, we can see that the cost can be around half a billion dollars, which is 500 billion. Now, breaking it down even further to a daily basis, the cost is around 16.4 billion dollars. And lastly, every second, even as we speak, cybercrime is costing us around 190,000 dollars in damages.

So, what are the things that contribute to cybercrime, and why is there a need for ID or even a service community, especially in terms of cybersecurity? Also, if we look into the talent demand for this team, why does it keep moving forward? The world of business and trade is looking into the daily server attacks, which happen all around the world, where we can see about 30,000 such attacks happening.
In conclusion, it is crucial to address the increasing concern of cybercrime, its impact on our daily lives, and the need for a robust cybersecurity system. As the demand for skilled talent continues to rise, we must take proactive measures to ensure our protection against cybercrime.

Today, I would like to share some alarming facts about global cybercrime. As we delve into the data, we can see that the total cost of cybercrime worldwide amounts to a staggering 6 trillion USD per year. This has affected not only parts of Google but also Malaysia and other countries globally. On a monthly basis, cybercrime costs can reach up to 500 billion USD, which equates to about 16.4 billion USD per day. Even more concerning is the fact that every second, 190,000 USD is spent on damage caused by IT attacks.

One may wonder what has contributed to the increase in cybercrime and why there is a need for an ID or a service community, especially in cyber security. The demand for talent in this field continues to grow as businesses and governments are becoming more aware of the impact of cyber attacks. On a daily basis, there are over 30,000 websites hacked, and over 50% of companies have experienced at least one security breach. Even during the pandemic, we have witnessed several high-profile attacks, such as the one on Malaysia Airport and Singapore’s Singtel Health Industry.
It is essential to be aware of the risks involved in using email, as approximately 90% of malware comes from email. Companies and individuals alike are worried about how to protect their devices, hardware, and software from cyber attacks. The question of who manages these threats is also a significant concern.

Although cybercrime remains a threat, there is some good news to report. Last year, Malaysia became a leading nation in subscription-based services, investing heavily in cybersecurity. According to Bloomberg, Malaysia is now at par with Russia and the UAE, ranking in the top 10 in the world. This is something we can be proud of, as our score is close to 100 at 98.06.

Looking ahead, we must consider the government’s projections and intentions for cyber security. The Malaysian government, for example, is aiming to recruit over 20,000 cybersecurity experts by 2025, more than double the initial projection of 10,500 in 2020. This is an area where the government and agencies must continue to invest, as cybercrime is a global threat that must be addressed.

I wanted to share with you today that 30,000 websites are hacked daily, and more than 50% of companies have experienced at least one attack. Even during the pandemic, we have seen attacks on the Malaysia airport and Singapore’s health industry, among other incidents. Cyber attacks are a growing concern for organizations, individuals, and government agencies alike. Email is a primary vector for malware, with an average of 90% of malware being delivered through email. This raises questions about how to protect devices, hardware, and software, and who will manage cybersecurity.
However, not everything is negative. In fact, there is good news to share about Malaysia’s role as a leader in cybersecurity. Bloomberg reported last year that Malaysia is one of the top countries investing in cybersecurity, with a score of 98.06, putting it on par with Russia and the UAE. This is something to be proud of and a positive development for the country.

Despite this good news, there is still a shortage of talent in the field, and the demand for cybersecurity experts is high. The IT and cybersecurity industries continue to grow, and the demand for professionals in these fields is increasing. The shortage of talent creates significant opportunities, and demand for blue service great experts and cybersecurity professionals is high.

When we consider the cost of cybercrime, we can see why countries are investing more in their cybersecurity. Every Asian country, including Malaysia, has experienced billions of dollars in losses due to cybercrime. Governments and organizations are increasing their budgets and spending on cybersecurity to defend against future attacks.

To address these challenges, we need to look forward and find ways to increase talent and create opportunities in the cybersecurity field. We need to work toward building a holistic approach to cybersecurity that considers the entire ecosystem of ID, servers, networks, and more. By doing so, we can reverse the trend and move forward with confidence.

As mentioned in the earlier overview, there is a high demand for blue service greet experts and ID experts due to the shortage of such talent in the market. The growth and demand in the IT industry and eye detailing industries are significant, and there is a need to focus on increasing talent in these areas.
Looking at cybersecurity spending, the costs of cybercrime in Asian countries, including Malaysia, run into billions of dollars. Therefore, countries in the Asian region are putting more money and resources into increasing their defense and protection against cyber attacks. The severity of cyber attacks is increasing, and we need to look forward and develop approaches to reverse this trend.
Businesses cannot afford to be complacent and must invest in talent to complete the ecosystem. This includes ID, server, network, and other related emerging technologies such as telecom services. The spending on technology in Malaysia is equivalent to the spending in the US, highlighting the significant growth in IT technology in this part of the world.

The spending is related to employment opportunities, with job streams requiring technical support, information security, and network management as the top three in-demand jobs in 2021, especially during the pandemic.

In summary, there is a growing demand for talent in the IT industry and related fields, with cybersecurity being a significant concern. It is crucial to focus on increasing talent and developing innovative solutions to protect against cyber attacks, while also ensuring employment opportunities in the sector.

Let’s explore the reasons for the global and local demand for IT experts. Despite the shortages, opportunities abound for blue service greet experts and ID experts, which underscores the significance of growth and demand in the IT world and eye detailing. To illustrate this, let’s take the example of cyber security spending. The publican costs in the global economy run into billions of dollars, with Asian countries, including Malaysia, allocating more spending and budgeting to increase their defense and presentation capabilities in the face of the increasing severity of cyber threats.

To reverse this trend and keep moving forward, businesses cannot afford to be complacent in terms of data and need to create more opportunities to complete the ecosystem, including in ID, server, network, and other related areas.

Now, let’s discuss the job market in the tech industry. Recently, there has been an increase in demand for technical support, information security, and network management jobs. In 2021, the top three jobs in demand were technical support, information security, and network management. This trend continues, providing ample opportunities for those seeking to grow their careers in this field.
Let me share my own experience in the IT industry. Starting out as a technical support person for HP, I eventually led IT teams in my past organizations. In the past, the focus was on tech support, maintenance, and software. However, this perception has changed. IT has evolved from being solely a back-office function to becoming an essential component of an organization’s central operations.
Today, the IT department’s input is highly valued in the boardroom, and CIOs and CTOs have become critical members of an organization’s leadership team. The government and enterprises also have special advisors or officers for the minister to oversee the IT department’s role in driving digital transformation.

In conclusion, the demand for IT experts is growing worldwide, and the industry presents vast opportunities for career growth. It is vital to stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with the latest trends and innovations to help companies succeed in the digital age.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening next. As of last week, the data I received indicates an increase in demand for similar types of jobs such as tech support, information security, and management. Previously, there were around 4,000 technical support jobs, 700 security jobs, and 1,400 management jobs. These numbers have increased as of last week, which means there are plenty of opportunities for those looking to advance their careers.

In the past, IT skills were focused on tech support, maintenance, and software development. Anyone in IT knew how to format a laptop or desktop. However, the IT world has evolved, and IT personnel are no longer just confined to the back room. Nowadays, IT staff is seen in the boardroom, and there is more emphasis given to their roles. Companies are looking for more digital input, which has led to the emergence of new roles such as CTO, CIO, and special advisors.

The government has also put in a lot of effort to support digital transformation. We are here to help people grow and connect with us, and we offer training and upskilling opportunities. Ultimately, the end goal is to get certified. Employers are looking for people with degrees and multiple competencies, which is becoming a hiring requirement. Companies such as Petronas, Telecoms, TM, and Gambia are incorporating certification as part of their hiring process.

Training alone is not enough to validate one’s competency. Hiring managers and HR need to see a justification for a person’s skills, which is why certification is becoming increasingly important. In the past, there has been significant growth in education, training, and self-study. Recently, more and more candidates are taking certification exams to validate their training and improve their career prospects.
In conclusion, the demand for IT professionals is growing, and companies are looking for candidates with strong skill sets and certifications. As an industry, we must keep up with the latest trends and provide upskilling opportunities to help individuals achieve their career goals.

Let’s dive deeper into commentary, as it is a crucial topic to cover. The Global IT Professional Association is committed to preparing and providing professional institutions with top talents to serve the IT world. As your intern, we aim to equip the workforce not only for what’s current but also for what’s next.

Our approach includes an extensive advisory council community and partnership with vendors, such as Preside, to advance the IT workforce through learning and education solutions. We lead in vendor-neutral classifications, such as Microsoft, Cisco, and AWS, to complement the world of IT services and hardware. As a leading provider of vendor-neutral certification, we have partnered with over 3,500 institutions globally, including academic, government, and corporate partners.

Based on our 2020 data, we issued approximately 150,000 certifications compared to all IT professionals worldwide. As of January 2022, we have certified over 3 million professionals worldwide. Our vendor-neutral approach means we do not have our own hardware or software, but instead, we collaborate with IT tech giants to come up with programs such as Silver Network Operating System. These programs help improve your IT knowledge and enhance your competency.
In summary, as the worldwide number-one provider of vendor-neutral certification, we have earned the trust of organizations and users alike. Our commitment to advancing the IT workforce through vendor-neutral programs and collaborations sets us apart.

When we talk about Computer as a vendor-neutral association provider, it is important to understand how we differ from others in the market. All of our programs are developed by IT experts, as I mentioned earlier. We have experts from Intel, Dell, AWS, Microsoft, who contribute as subject matter experts, which aligns our programs with industry standards. The content of our programs is not limited to one type of operating system, such as Microsoft Windows, but covers various types of operating systems, including open-source software, iPhone IOS, and Android.

What sets us apart is our focus on teaching on multiple platforms and vendors, which has been accepted worldwide, as we prioritize competency over vendor-specific knowledge. We are a platform-agnostic organization. Our certification has been validated with global standards received by Exo and NC.

It’s easy to understand the difference when you compare learning with a vendor-specific provider and learning with a vendor-neutral association provider. At Computer, all our projects are developed by IT experts, including experts from Intel, Dell, AWS, and Microsoft, who contribute as subject matter experts. This ensures that our programs align with industry standards. When you learn from our computer programs, we want to highlight that in terms of content, we don’t limit ourselves to any one OS. We understand that there are many types of OS, such as Microsoft Windows, open source, iOS, and Android for mobile devices. That’s why we teach on multiple platforms and vendors. This makes us accepted worldwide when it comes to working with competency, and not just specific vendors. We’re also validated by the National and Global standards received by Exo and NC.

Moving on to our partners and users around the world, we work with many global corporate and academic partners. Our focus is on partners within Brunei, Indonesia, and Singapore. Regarding collaboration, we’re not just competitive. We collaborate with a lot of tech giants, including Cisco, Microsoft, and AWS. For example, we have a working relationship with Cisco, Microsoft Studio, Micro Software, and System Academy, which recommends our CompTIA programs to prepare engineers as a prerequisite. We also work with Microsoft Data Center Academy to prepare engineers in using Microsoft technology. Furthermore, we’ve recently started working with Google, which has its own dual-credential programs, Google ID Support, and is collaborating with us in our CompTIA programs. Additionally, we have a working relationship with AWS to prepare their staff and engineers before they deploy cloud solutions. Recently, we also started working with payments.

We’ve been accepted in the market for the past 35 years, and we’re proud to say that we’ve received recognition from Microsoft and Cisco as well as other IT professionals. For example, we have our own data analytics program called Computer Data Plus, which we developed in collaboration with BMI, a popular PMP certification. We’re proud to have been recommended by the Four B strangers in the identification program.

Regarding feedback, if you’re connected on LinkedIn, you’ll see on a daily basis that people are sharing their achievements and bragging rights. Whenever you achieve something, you can put it on your online digital batch.

Now, let’s focus on the certifications we offer. We have a total of 13-14 certifications, but it’s essential to understand which certification is related to your job role. For example, if you work in networking, we recommend that you get the CompTIA Plus certification. If you’re a junior project manager, system admin, or coordinator, we recommend our Project Plus certification to learn about project management.

Overall, we’re focused on four pillars: core skills, infrastructure pathway, security pathway, and professional skills. These pillars cover the needs of IT professionals, and we provide tools for both IT and non-IT people. We hope this helps you understand what CompTIA has to offer.

We have a Cloud Essentials program that teaches cloud computing. 30% of the program is dedicated to technical aspects, and the rest is focused on cloud business. This is particularly relevant right now, given the recent announcement by Google and the government regarding the Google Cloud region. We are working with Google to provide Cloud Essentials as a starting point for end-users to understand cloud computing better.
Moving on to the core skills pillar, the most in-demand program by CompTIA for end-users is IT Fundamentals. However, the Computer Program has been designed to cater to corporates, IT professionals, and academia, with a focus on recommending the necessary IT skills for different job roles.
You don’t have to start with IT Fundamentals, A Plus, Network Plus, Security Plus, or other recommended starting points. Instead, consider your job role to determine which certification is most relevant. For instance, if you work in security, start with the Security Plus certification, and if you work in networking, begin with Network Plus. Alternatively, if you are an IT generalist, you may want to consider the A Plus certification.
Lastly, in terms of infrastructure, we offer a range of certifications, including DCSP Plus, Test Plus, and Size Plus. The Computer Program is flexible, allowing individuals to select the certification that best matches their job role and experience level.

We offer server support, and those who want to level up their skills, can explore open source with Linux Plus. For cloud support, we also have Cloud Plus. These certifications do not require any prerequisites, and we can help you identify related job roles and suitable education.

Let’s talk a little about Computer A Plus. This certification has been around for a long time, and it covers end-to-end learning about computer systems. The content includes hardware, software, technical support, servers, mobile devices, and some basic knowledge of IoT. It also covers network and software computing scripting. Computer A Plus is essential for IT professionals in the first five years of their careers, helping them to become holistic IT support professionals who understand end-to-end IT competencies.

Moving to the next level is the CompTIA Network Plus. To understand networking, we need to learn about network operations, network security, network infrastructure, and the concept and architecture behind it. These topics are available across all vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Huawei, and Micro Tech. Learning content platforms from CompTIA will prepare you to understand different platforms and become a network engineer.

To understand server administration, we have CompTIA Server Plus. Despite having cloud solutions, servers are still essential in our daily operations. This certification will teach you the knowledge, skills, and understanding of the server’s architecture. It will also prepare you to troubleshoot and solve any issues that may arise during server administration.
Usually, these certification programs are offered for five days or 40 hours per week. Before taking the examinations, you need to prepare for the content to increase your chances of passing the certification.

At Computer Service Billion, we offer online training programs to support the learning needs of the service community. One of our current focus areas is the CompTIA cybersecurity program, which is one of the most popular security programs in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and globally. Our training programs zoom in on the Security Plus, CySA+, and PenTest+ certifications, which serve as starting points for aspiring security engineers, analysts, and professionals who want to kickstart their careers in cybersecurity.

The Security Plus certification covers cloud intelligence, which is a combination of blue-team and red-team approaches to cybersecurity. Understanding the cybersecurity framework and complexity is crucial in today’s fast-paced and complex world. PenTest+ is the most sought-after program by employers in terms of cybersecurity housing, preparing individuals to work in the cybersecurity field. Additionally, we also offer training programs in server and cloud subsidy, which are among the most sought-after certifications globally.

The importance of CompTIA cybersecurity certification cannot be overstated, especially for individuals looking to enter the job market. Many hiring managers require candidates to have CompTIA certification as part of their hiring criteria, and some companies, like Dell, have made it a mandatory requirement for certain positions. Therefore, investing in CompTIA cybersecurity certification and gaining practical experience can add value to your qualifications and improve your chances of landing your dream job or advancing your career.

In summary, CompTIA cybersecurity programs, such as Security Plus, CySA+, and PenTest+, are essential for those who want to establish a career in cybersecurity or enhance their competencies to deliver their jobs better. With Computer Service Billion’s online training programs, you can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the cybersecurity field.

I believe that Jazz went through the CompTIA certification program, specifically Security Plus (Sec+) and Cybersecurity Analyst Plus (CySA+), which are some of the requirements to be part of the SOC team. We also offer CompTIA Cloud+ and Server+ for those interested. These programs serve as a starting point for individuals who want to become security engineers, or certificate analysts, or get their career in cybersecurity up and running.

Our training programs are sought after by employers globally, with organizations like Deloitte, Dell, Motorola, and Microsoft requiring CompTIA certifications as part of their hiring requirements. We are proud to offer a complete learning solution that is designed to cater to the needs of individuals and organizations alike. Our partners at Infosight can share more details about our learning solutions, which include access to e-books, virtual labs, and practical hands-on training.

The training program covers different areas, and we have separated them into pillars. We offer comprehensive training that prepares individuals to take on the CompTIA certification exams with confidence. The training includes virtual or hands-on labs to support learning, videos, and access to an e-book, which is a holistic approach to economic acquisition training. After completing the training, individuals can take the CompTIA Master practice test, which consists of 15 to 20 questions per topic to enhance and assess knowledge.

In conclusion, I encourage everyone to have a holistic understanding of cybersecurity and invest in continuous learning. It’s always good to follow organizations like ours, Huawei, or VM to stay updated on daily trends and developments. We believe that training institutions should go hand in hand with individuals’ and organizations’ success.

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