CompTIA Linux+

RM3,700.00 RM3,922.00 (after 6% SST)



CompTIA Linux+ is for the IT pro who will use Linux to manage everything from cars and smartphones to servers and supercomputers, as a vast number of enterprises use Linux in the cloud, cybersecurity, mobile and web administration applications.


  • CompTIA Linux+ is the only job-focused Linux certification covering the latest foundational skills demanded by hiring managers.
  • Unlike other certifications, the new exam includes performance-based and multiple-choice questions to identify the employees who can do the job.
  • The exam covers tasks associated with all major distributions of Linux, setting the foundation for advanced vendor/distro-specific knowledge.


  • Linux Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Systems Administrator
  • Linux Database Administrator
  • Web Administrator


CompTIA Linux+ is the right step for IT professionals utilizing Linux-based systems, whether they are managing infrastructure, cloud workflows, or ensuring the cybersecurity of their organization. Successful candidates will have the skills to:

  • Manage hardware and configure systems, including an understanding of Linux boot process concepts, kernel modules, network connection parameters, managing storage, cloud and virtualization technologies, and localization options – all within in a Linux environment.
  • Operate and maintain systems, including software operations, managing users and groups, working with files, and managing services. Additionally, candidates will be able to explain server roles, automate and schedule jobs, use and operate Linux devices, and compare and contrast
    Linux graphical user interfaces.
  • Apply security topics such as user/group permissions and ownership, access and authentication methods, best practices, logging services, Linux firewalls, and file backup, restoration, and compression.
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose Linux issues, including system properties, user issues, application, and hardware issues.
  • Demonstrate automation and scripting skills, including basic BASH scripts, version control using  GIT, and orchestration processes and concepts.





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